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Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Middletown

March is Women’s History Month! There are many ways that you can celebrate. In Connecticut, many venues are switching to outdoor or virtual events. There’s still a lot you can do to celebrate the achievements of Connecticut women. Here’s what we suggest.

Engage in Virtual Reading Day

United Way of Southeastern Connecticut encourages virtual readers to choose a book that features a female protagonist to read during the month of March. This event is paired with Black History Month in February, during which time the United Way suggests that readers choose a book featuring a protagonist of color. To participate, you’ll be asked to record a video of yourself reading. Learn more about the event on Chamber of Commerce Eastern Connecticut’s website.

Choose a Connecticut Woman to Learn About

Two years ago, Connecticut Magazine wrote an article profiling famous women from Connecticut, including:

  • Ella Grasso – the first woman in the nation to be elected governor
  • Emeline Robert Jones – the first woman in the nation to practice dentistry
  • Constance Baker Motley – the first African-American federal court judge

Check out the article online and choose a woman from Connecticut who made all the difference. Study the person of your choice and then talk to your friends about what you learned. If you have friends interested in engaging in this activity with you, have your friends each choose their own Connecticut woman to study, then have a group discussion to report back about what you learned.

Watch Films Featuring Connecticut Women

Did you know that Glenn Close, Katharine Hepburn and Meg Ryan are all from Connecticut? In fact, there are many famous actresses from our state. You can celebrate Connecticut women in film by watching their movies in March. Invite your friends to stream them at their homes along with you!

Write a Note to a Connecticut Woman Who Impresses You

Write A Note | Windshire Terrace

One more way that you can celebrate Women’s History month is to write a letter to a Connecticut woman who you admire. You can choose to send your letter to someone you know, or you can send a letter to someone who you don’t know, but who you know of and respect. In your letter, thank them for their contributions to society and for their strength as a woman. You might even get a letter back, and who knows what interesting things you might discuss!

Enjoy Women’s History Month at Windshire Terrace

We’re ready to celebrate women’s history month with you at Windshire Terrace. To learn more about how you can join the community at our Middletown Apartments near New Haven, call us today to schedule a walk through one of our available apartments.

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