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Summer in Connecticut: Four Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Cool

Summer in Connecticut: Four Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Cool 

As summer rolls along, we’re in for some warm days, even here in Middletown, Connecticut. While we enjoy milder summers here, there are still plenty of days that get a little toasty. We’re all spending more time indoors, too, thanks to COVID-19 and social distancing. From all of us at Windshire Terrace Apartments, we want to make sure you can stay cool no matter what the weather does out there, all summer time long. 

Here are four tips for keeping your apartment cool.

Tip #1: Stir Things Up With a Few Fans

Stirring up the air in your apartment is a great way to feel cooler. With our mild evenings here in Connecticut, this strategy is especially powerful whenever we have a cool evening or morning. Turn on any overhead fans you have, and place some strong oscillating fans strategically throughout your apartment. The couch is always a great place to aim a fan, as are the main hallway and kitchen.

With more air circulating, your apartment will feel cooler than it is. You might even be able to save on utilities by bumping up the AC controls.

Tip #2: Rein In the Sunlight

Who doesn’t love natural light? Every home improvement show ever tells us that it’s the best thing ever. The only problem is that “natural light” means “sunlight.” And the sun is hot!

If you have a lot of natural light streaming in, take time to note which windows or glass doors are getting sun. Take note of the times of day they are in direct sunlight, too. Wherever the sun shines in between roughly 11 am and 5:30 pm, consider installing retractable room-darkening shades. Blackout shades are even better. The more sunlight you block out, the more heat you block out, too.

Tip #3: Grill, Don’t Bake

Summer is a great time to grill, of course. But there’s some strategy behind doing so, too. Running your oven is one of the fastest ways to heat up your apartment. So see how little you can use it this summer. Grilling outside whenever possible is one great way to limit oven use. Focusing on cold sides rather than hot ones is another.

Bonus tip: Our picnic and grilling area is a great place for socially distant socialization! There’s plenty of space to spread out there, so have some fun with your neighbors! 

Tip #4: Add More Plants to Your Life

The more plants you have in your apartment, the cooler it will be. This isn’t just perception, either: plants can actually reduce air temperature by as much as 10 degrees in warm climates! Invest in some climate-appropriate indoor plants. The burst of oxygen might help you feel better while inside, too.

Don’t stop with your indoor spaces, either. Placing plants on your balcony will brighten your mood and provide some shade when using your balcony.

Wrapping Up

Whatever your summer looks like, stay cool with these tips. Of course, loving where you live makes a big difference, too. Windshire Terrace Apartments are upscale apartments in an ideal location with plenty of luxury amenities. 

By the way, if you’re a resident with us, you should know that you can now book a spot at our outdoor pool & grill so you can enjoy the best kinds of summer activities with your family while still social distancing. Just go to and make your reservation in a few simple steps! We’re doing all we can to ensure our residents are safe while also having the best possible time at home. Looking for a new home to upgrade your lifestyle? Apply here.

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