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How To Get Your Apartment Winter Ready

You can feel it in the air — fall is here in Middletown! All across Connecticut, the leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and of course, the temperatures are starting their long drop into winter.

At Windshire Terrace, we want to make sure you stay cozy this fall and winter, so we’ve got some tips on how to prepare your apartment for the cooler weather ahead.

Take Care Of Patio and Outdoor Areas

First, you’ll want to take care of your patio and any other outdoor areas of your apartment. Take in any plants that might be sensitive to the cold, and find them a new place to live indoors until spring. You should also dispose of any plants that are already dead or no longer wanted to save space and allow you to start fresh in the spring. 

Store Unused Items

You might also want to take inside any other items you do not plan on using until warmer weather, like patio furniture or grills. These can also be put away in Windshire’s additional storage space available for rent. You should make sure to cover anything left outside that securely might be damaged by cold or snow. 

Checking Crucial Systems And Appliances

Next, you’ll want to turn your attention to the interior of your apartment. Check all your windows and doors to ensure they close securely and aren’t letting in any drafts. You’ll also want to test out your heating system to make sure it operates properly. If not, it’s crucial to contact maintenance as soon as possible to allow any repairs to be made before it gets any colder. Residents with gas fireplaces should also test these out if they plan on using them over the winter.

Keeping Yourself Cozy

On a more personal level, you may want to change lighter summer bedding for heavier sheets or quilts. It’s also a good idea to bring out some extra blankets for cozy nights on the couch. You’ll appreciate the extra warmth during those freezing Connecticut winter nights!

Don’t Wait — Prepare Today

Colder temperatures will arrive in Middletown before you know it, so now’s the time to make sure apartments are ready for the winter ahead. In just a few minutes, you can ensure your outdoor items are protected or moved inside, your indoor systems are functioning correctly, and that you’re set up for comfort no matter how low the mercury plunges.Windshire Terrace has beautiful apartments for rent in Middletown. Our spacious suites are winter weather-ready, helping you stay cozy all winter long. 

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