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The Perks of Living and Renting In Middletown

Situated in the center of Middlesex County, Middletown has become one of the most appealing places to live in the Boston-New York corridor. Here are some of the biggest perks of living and renting in Middletown, Connecticut.

Charming, Growing Downtown Middletown

Most people praise life in Middletown for its great city-suburban life balance. Downtown Middletown is a unique fusion of a small city, charming New England town, and academic hub. The three work together beautifully. Local, family-owned businesses have benefited from college patronage, and college influence has inspired a number of bookstores, coffee shops, eateries, and more. It’s got everything while maintaining that quaint, small-town feel. 

Top-Notch Arts and Performance

Access to the arts is not a problem in Middletown thanks to the Wesleyan University Center for the Arts. The center offers seasonal programming of orchestra, dance, workshops, live talks, and much more. All of these events are open to the community to enjoy. The Davison Arts Center has a diverse collection of visual media on display, including exciting special installations from visiting artists.  

Chef preparing plate in Downtown Middletown near Windshire Terrace Luxury Apartments

Impressive, Diverse Food Scene

Main Street in Middletown has developed into its own restaurant and food hub with cuisine options from all over the globe. There are quality dining spots for Jamaican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai, and many other cuisines. You’ll have a hard time getting bored of the fantastic food options here.  

Vibrant Academic Life

Wesleyan University is one of the best liberal arts schools in the country. Not only are the academics top-notch, the quality of the students and faculty are too. Students immediately embrace the warm, small-town feel of Middletown and truly appreciate the high quality of life here. It has over 200 student organizations that often provide service, entertainment, and engagement with the community at large. It also has a highly ranked film program, producing famous graduates like Michael Bay.

There are so many reasons why Middletown has a fabulous quality of life, a major reason why students who live here are among the happiest in the country. Residents at Windshire Terrace are too, because of its fabulous location, spacious and luxurious living options, and fantastic community amenities.  

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