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Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer at Your Luxury Apartment

As temperatures rise this summer, our furry friends at Windshire Terrace, a pet-friendly apartment community in Middletown, CT, need extra care to stay relaxed and comfortable. We are home to not just people but their pets too, and the well-being of your four-legged family members is our top priority. Here are some tips for keeping your pets cool and happy in your luxury apartment this summer.

  • Make Use of Central Air Conditioning: With central air conditioning in every unit, controlling the indoor climate of your apartment has never been easier. Keep your pets comfortable by maintaining a cool indoor temperature during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Always ensure your pets can access fresh, cool water. Staying hydrated is vital to keeping them cool. Additionally, add ice cubes to their water dishes for a refreshing treat.
  • Create a Cool Zone: Choose a spot in your apartment, preferably with abundant natural light, and set up a cooling station for your pet. This can include pet cooling mats or wet towels for them to lie on.
  • Opt for Indoor Exercise: Our community’s private dog park is perfect for frolicking, but consider exercising your pet indoors during peak sun hours. Our spacious apartments provide ample room for indoor play.
  • Utilize the Private Patio or Balcony: During cooler parts of the day, let your pets catch a breeze on your private patio or balcony. Always ensure they have shade and water when outside.
  • Early Morning or Evening Walks: Avoid walks during the hottest parts of the day. Instead, opt for early morning or evening strolls with cooler temperatures. Our convenient location offers nearby walking trails for you and your pet to explore.

Windshire Terrace: Pet-Friendly Apartments to Live Your Best Life

Windshire Terrace offers an ideal blend of modern apartments and a pet-friendly lifestyle, ensuring your pets feel as at home as you do. Located near Middletown, Connecticut’s historic Main Street, our community provides ample fun opportunities for you and your pet to enjoy summer while staying cool.

Remember, our on-site management is always ready to assist with pet-related concerns, and our 24-hour emergency maintenance ensures your comfort year-round. Don’t wait to enjoy the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and pet-friendly living—check availability today!

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