A man exercises with a weightlifting machine at Windishre Terrance apartments' fitness center.

Fit Life 101: Mastering the Community’s Fitness Center

Everywhere you look, we are being bombarded with messages about the importance of exercise. And yes, leading a healthy lifestyle is vital for everyone. But let’s face it, sometimes work, or personal affairs make it hard to find a convenient time or place to keep a constant workout routine.

There are a couple of alternatives. You can buy your own equipment, but you have the expense and space issues to deal with. You can join a gym, but you have to pay a membership, drive there, shower there, or drive home sweaty.

Or you could move into a welcoming luxury apartment community such as Windshire Terrace, which features a 24/7 fitness center. You are essentially exercising at home but without an expensive investment in equipment that takes up space. Here’s your game plan:

Start Your Routine With Cardio

Don’t be afraid of the treadmill, stationary bike, and other cardio equipment to warm up. Find one that you like and start slow. Build up by adding difficulty, resistance, speed, or time. Get your heart rate up and keep it up for at least 20 minutes, but don’t stress if you can’t do it at first. Build up to it, and soon you’ll be setting more challenging goals.

Weight-Bearing Exercises

Weight-bearing exercises are crucial because they help reduce the risk of several age-related ailments. Use the free weight set and your own bodyweight to exercise your muscles and bones. Train at least twice a week. The surgeon general states this stimulates bone growth and keeps your muscles strong.

Use Your Entire Body

A whole body workout benefits you inside and out. If you work out every other day, try to make it a full body session. If you go every day, you’ll want to alternate upper and lower body workouts. The key is to get all those muscle groups working and your blood pumping.

Be Creative

If you get in a rut or get bored with your workout, you can lose motivation fast. Get creative! Find fun and exciting ways to break a sweat, and make your routine a joy. The key is to have fun.
The benefit of living in luxury apartments like Windshire Terrace in Middletown, CT, is the abundance of amenities that we offer, including a 24/7 fitness center that allows you to exercise at home. Call today or visit our us to check the availability of our units.

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